Jeff Keenan started DJing at the tender age of 14 when he was brought his first set of turntables and flashing lights by a family member. Being 14 and still at school, parties for school classmates became the norm when they celebrated a birthday, this then progressed to other family members and onto putting on the end of year Discos for the school. The word soon spread and Jeff was now putting on the discos for all the other schools end of year disco’s and youth clubs, learning the trade and gaining valuable experience needed to become an entertainer.

At the age of 16 Jeff was given a spot at the biggest nightclub in the country at the time in Birmingham City centre, called the Powerhouse which set him up to progress his career further, spending the next 25 years working all over the UK, National Promotional Tours, putting on Bands and Djing abroad.

Jeff playing at 
 and everywhere!!

In 1988, Jeff was given a night on a Sunday night at a local pub, The Steamhouse Café playing whatever he wanted, this just happened to be rock music. Over the next 5 years the night grew so big that it was moved to a nightclub, The Academy, that held over 2000 people.

Jeff retired from the entertainment business in 2000 and concentrated on his family life but playing “live” was to never leave him and he made a comeback in 2010 relaunching the extremely successful Steamhouse Rock Nights of the past into the present day in the form of the Bank Holiday Reunion’s each year along with Hosting stages on a couple of festivals.

Steamhouse Rock Nights 
- Radio
- Live

Radio presenting started in 2015 when Chesil Radio gave him his first radio show which proved to be a success and meant that Jeff was now being exposed to a much larger audience. After 2 years Jeff moved the show to Bournemouth based local Radio, Hot Radio and after another 2 years finally moved the show to other stations, and now on Hard Rock Radio & Way Out Radio.


This can vary depending on the role: From hard talking, cheeky banter, ”in yer face” style, to professional, respectful, introspective, sensitive with over 30 years of entertainment experience.